Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shopping for paci's is like shopping for shoes......

I am not kidding. I really enjoy picking out pacifiers for Elle. Is this really where I get my joy?? Apparently.

Elle is 5 months now and for the past week or so she has lost her pac a few times every night, causing her to wake up and root around for it. She can never find it, so therefore I get up to help out. After a few nights of this I decided maybe her 2 month pacifiers are too small. So I made a mental note to pick up a pack of the next size on my next trip to Target. Well I guess it's just not that easy. While checking them out at Target, I decided the variety they had just wasn't big enough. I knew that Babies R Us had a bigger selection so I decided to wait. Plus, I had a 20% off coupon for BRU. I know, it's sad I have nothing else to use my coupon on, but oh well. So I made a special trip to Babies R Us to get Elle her new pacifiers. For the record, we like the MAM pacifiers. Oh my gosh there are so many cute ones!!!! I had the hardest time deciding which ones to get!! I was even checking out some of the boys selection. I don't really know why it took me so long to decided but I seriously looked for about 15 minutes, before deciding on pink with giraffes. Very cute.

As I was standing there, going through the racks, taking boxes off to see what might be hiding behind, checking and double checking to make sure I hadn't missed any in the 6 month size, I realized, I am enjoying this a little too much, I am making this way harder than it needs to be! I used to spend my time shopping for shoes. Looking for the best deal, the cutest pair, comparing a few pairs, telling myself it was ok to buy 2, maybe 3 pair. Now here I am at Babies R Us, doing the same thing with pacifiers!! Thinking...she probably needs a few different packs, I am sure having a few extra around won't be a big deal, Dad will never realize I bought her 6, maybe 8. Haha. Well I decided on one 2 pack, FOR NOW!!! She will need more in the future, and it's a fun, cheap baby item I can buy for her. I sort of see her pacifiers as an accessory....she really only uses it when she sleeps but I keep them with us in case she gets sleepy or fussy. Having a variety is a good day a pink one will look cute, the next a purple might make me smile....wouldn't it be great to bust out the "Daddy's Girl" on Father's Day? Oh the possibilities are endless......

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