Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Trip to the Zoo

Dad and I took the kids to the zoo today. It was a beautiful day, borderline HOT. We were there for probably less than 2 hours but it was perfect for us. We bought the season pass so we can go as many times as we want this summer. Elle rode in the stroller and didn't really care at all about what was going on. She even napped for a bit.
Brother had a great time, but got tired. He fell asleep on the way home. After checking out all the animal exhibits we hit up the gift store. We told Brother he could get a souvenir and I wanted to get Elle something from her first trip to the zoo. I couldn't decide what to get her to commemorate her first trip, a book or a snow globe with a baby tiger inside and the zoo name. I let Brother decide and he picked the snow globe. I was happy with his pick and handed it to him to put on the counter. As he was handing it to the cashier he bumped it against the counter ledge and it shattered. Oops. I guess we are getting the book.
I picked up the big pieces of glass and apologized to the cashier. She didn't seem to mind and rang us up. We headed home and everyone except mom took naps.
It was a great family day and it really got me looking forward to summer. I know Elle is still young for a lot of these family activities but it was fun to take her and it will be fun to start doing other things as well.
On a side note there were LOTS of other moms at the zoo today. I seriously saw more strollers than I have ever seen in my life. I am secretly hoping for a jogging stroller for Mother's Day and found myself checking out other strollers for ideas. I even saw a mom pushing a 4 person stroller, followed by her husband with a single person stroller. I also saw what looked like a 5 year old in an infant carrier, snapped into a snap'n'go. Her legs were hanging so far out the end of the car seat she could almost touch the ground! It was quite the sight.
I wanted a family picture from our first trip but it never happened. Instead I got these two less than stellar shots.

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