Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cooking with the Beaba Babycook

Although we are not starting Elle on solids yet, I decided to give the whole baby making food adventure a whirl. It was so easy and fun! I did sweet potatoes as my first "recipe". It's not really a recipe, it's basically just steaming and pureeing a sweet potato. Here are the details:

I started with 2 sweet potatoes, peeled.

The I chopped them, one at a time. This is one potato.

I added water to the reservoir based on the instructions that came with the Beaba Babycook. I used water level 3. I added one chopped sweet potato to the Babycook basket and steamed it for 15 minutes.

After the potatoes were steamed, I checked them with a fork and decided they were soft enough. I removed the basket, poured the water left over from the steaming into a cup and transferred the potatoes from the basket to the bowl. I added about 1 ounce of the water to the potatoes and about 2 ounces of breast milk to thin out the sweet potatoes. I pureed until nice and smooth.

I transferred the potatoes into the freezer tray. I froze them for 24 hours then transferred the frozen pieces to a freezer zip lock, labeled with the type of food and date.

When we start Elle on food, and when it's time to introduce sweet potato, I will just take one frozen portion, thaw it in the fridge or a bowl of warm water and feed her. Simple!! Making these sweet potatoes was so fun, I just am really excited now to try more fruits and vegetables. For a while I will just do individual fruits and vegetables, but in the future I am looking forward to combining some flavors.

I really had a positive experience with the Beaba Babycook and I am glad I have it. People say a steam basket and a food processor work just as well, and I am sure they do. BUT...I don't have a food processor, and don't really think I would ever use one. I really like that this does it all in the same bowl. Very easy cleanup. I am hoping to get another freezer tray, either another like the one I have, or I have heard that ice cube trays with lids work just as well. I am just not sure where to find ice cube trays with lids. I am on the lookout. But, if I have more freezer trays I can make more food at one time.

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