Saturday, April 24, 2010


We started Elle on rice cereal today. She is 5 months 2 weeks old. Our pediatrician gave us the go ahead on solids at her 4 month appointment, but she was doing so well we weren't in a rush to change things. Our pediatrician was OK with that but suggested that we try something before her 6 month appointment.

Elle is still doing great. Eating 4 times a day and taking 3 naps. She eats every 4 hours, around 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm, then heads to bed for the night. She is such a good eater and sleeper I was not in a rush to start her on solids. Lots of people start their babies on solids in hopes of getting more sleep from them, and we are so lucky that Elle is a good sleeper it wasn't a concern for us.

We decided that today would be a good day to try rice cereal. Dad and I are both home, we have nothing going on the rest of the weekend and can really focus on this milestone together. Although the cereal is very mild, there is a risk that it won't agree with her.

We fed her after her 12pm feeding, that way if there is a reaction we have all day to take care of it. She sat in her highchair and took the cereal like a champ!! She loves herself some food!! Always been happy during feedings and this was no exception. We mixed the cereal with breastmilk and although it took a couple tries for her to understand the spoon going in her mouth, once she realized she needed to open wide it was smooth sailing!!

I am so proud of her and actually cried a little after we put her down for her nap. She is just growing up so fast. She is eating cereal!!! This is a big deal! She can roll over, sit up for short periods of time, fall asleep on her own and now cereal. She is practically in college! Just kidding. But seriously, she is not a newborn anymore. It makes me so happy that she is a healthy, happy baby, but also a little sad. Oh well, this is what happens. Babies grow up. I am just so glad I am here to be a part of it. It is amazing to see her change and accomplish these things right before my eyes. Love you Ellie Belly.


  1. How funny that we both posted on first feedings on the same day! Bella and Elle must be around the same age. We waited too - I thought 4 months was way too early even though our Dr. said it was fine. Glad to hear we're not the only ones. :)

  2. We absolutely love our baby bjorn! That thing has saved me so many times!