Monday, July 19, 2010

Elle is 8 Months Old (and a week)

Elle turned 8 months old last Saturday, July 10, and I have been very busy these last two weeks and have not had a chance to do a monthly update.

Here are Elle's 8 months stats (taken at home):
Weight: 15lbs 15 oz
Height: 26.25 inches

Clothes: 3-6 and 6-9 month sizes
Diapers: size 2 during the day, size 3 for overnight

Teeth: NONE
Food: 4 bottles a day (6 oz each), all formula. We stopped breastfeeding at about 7.5 months and the transition has gone well.
1-2 meals a day of baby food (purees, either homemade or jarred), 1 serving of rice cereal a day. Elle snacks on Puffs now and eats what she can from our plates. She loves to eat!! She also eats baby yogurt some days.

Milestones: Gets up on all fours, and pushes up on her feet, in a 'downward dog' type move. Rocks back and forth, jumps legs off the ground, can move backwards but not forward yet. No words, Elle is not a very vocal baby. She does click her tongue now though, it's super cute. She loves her feet and is always putting her left big toe into her mouth. Sleeps great, 3 naps a day, 1.5-2.5 hours each and through the night.

I love Elle more and more everyday. She makes me smile all day long. She is laughing out loud more and more which excites me so much. I love knowing she is such a happy girl. She is very interested in her toys and loves to be read to. She stares at the books and seems to be following along. She can get her toy "Violet" to turn on and play music all by herself.

I cannot believe she is already 8 months old, time is going so quickly. I am so lucky to be able to spend so much time with her. I am thankful that I don't have to work everyday and she can be with me. She is such a sweet girl, I can't even imagine my life without her.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I need advice! Traveling with Elle

This is going to be quick and I am really hoping for a few responses....

We are taking the family to Disney World in August for Brother's 5th Birthday.
I am a little hesitant on taking Elle since she is still so little, but we decided we would rather have her with us, so she is coming.

My question is....what should I plan on using to transport her through this magical world? I have the baby bjorn but she is already starting to feel heavy in that after about 15 minutes, so I don't think that is the best option. Small stroller? Another type of baby carrier?

Any suggestions are VERY appreciated! Even if they don't have to do with transporting Elle through the parks. Any Disney advice or general travel advice would be great!! Thanks in advance.

Summer Fun

Auntie Alison and her boyfriend Chris came in for the weekend, as did Uncle Kevin and Kristin. We spent a lot of time at Grammy and Grandpas and had a great time! It was sunny and beautiful! We got Elle a $5 pool from Target and she loved it! Brother also loved it.

Elle and Grammy (looking like Captain Jack Sparrow, trying to protect her hair from the sun)

Elle and Uncle Kevi reading

Elle in the pool

Elle in her life jacket....we almost peed our pants trying to get her into it for a boat ride and decided she looked WAY too uncomfortable and took it off almost immediately.

Elle and Auntie Al

My water baby