Friday, April 23, 2010

Elle at work

I am lucky enough to work for my dad, so I often bring Elle to the office with me. My mom usually comes and picks her up and they do their thing while I get my work done. Well, last week Grammy and Grandpa were out of town so I just took Elle to the office with me. She is a very low key, easy baby so I didn't really think twice about it. We got there and everything was all good. After a couple hours she started to fuss, it was almost time to eat, so I laid her on her blanket with her toys hoping to buy a few minutes while I finished up the last of my work. She got very quiet, and so I basically just left her alone, plugging away at work. After about 15 minutes I realized she hadn't made a sound in a while, so I peeked over and saw this:

My little girl had rolled herself into her comfortable position and fallen fast asleep. ADORABLE!! I was so proud of her and also at a loss. I had planned on only working until noon, then heading home. But I couldn't wake her up! So I let her sleep and got a lot more work done. She slept for almost an hour, woke up happy, ate and we headed home. It was so great to have her at work with me and to have her be such a good girl! I am so lucky to be able to take her to work with me when needed. Thank you baby Elle for making your Momma so proud!!!

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