Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekend Getaway

We took the kids up north to a popular water park and had a great time!! Elle couldn't make the whole drive without getting hungry but I was prepared with a bottle. As I was feeding her, about 3 hours into the drive, Dad let me know that we were getting a flat tire!! The tire pressure on the back right tire was quickly diminishing and we needed to pull over. We made a few calls and found a service station off the next exit. We pulled off and found out we had a large nail in our tire. They did a quick plug and we were on our way after about 20 minutes. Good thing the trusty van had the feature to warn us about the tire pressure. We got to the water park and had a great couple days. Elle only went into the pool once, but she really seemed to like it. She was super adorable in her bathing suit (from Baby Gap). She did pretty well at the water park, but true to her roots got pretty sweaty after about an hour in the 86 degrees. She gets that from me....poor girl. It was a good experience staying at a hotel. I brought the pack'n'play and she slept in it perfectly. As usual, she was a great girl. We stopped at Uncle Mac's on the way home and checked out his new house. It is a really nice place and he seems really happy. It was great to finally check out his new place and see where he is spending all his time now. This was the first time he met Elle and she really impressed him...obviously :)

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