Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another baby??!!

So this morning, Brother and I were hard at work putting Elle down for her morning nap when he tells me "I really want you to have another baby. Let's have a boy this time. He can sleep in my room, or even in Elle's room". YIKES. True, the thought has crossed my mind. I mean, with a baby as great as Elle it's easy to say "Let's do this AGAIN", but on the other hand, with a baby as good as Elle, it's also very easy to say "One and DONE". Everyone always says no two babies are the same, and I have to believe that in no way am I THAT lucky to have another easy pregnancy, delivery and perfect baby again. But still...Brother's comments got me thinking.
If we were to have another baby, I would want to wait a while before trying to get pregnant. I love Elle so much I don't want to take any focus away from her, but I also wouldn't want to wait too long. Maybe 2 years or so....maybe more. But that seems so far away. It is really WAY too early to make any concrete decisions on this topic. For the time being, we are all just happy to enjoy Elle and Brother. But I still can't seem to part with anything Elle or Brother have grown out of.....just in case :)

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  1. OMG!!! She is getting SO BIG!!! And too stinkin' cute! Congrats to both of you's ;) And, I totally think you and Mark should have another !!! Love, Kelly Moore-Piasecki!