Friday, March 19, 2010

Wedding and Funeral

So even though Elle is only 4 months old, she has already been to a wedding and a funeral.

In January my Grandpa got remarried and we decided to take Elle with us. It was a church ceremony with a short reception after. She slept through the whole ceremony and was very pleasant during the reception. Everyone in the family was happy we brought her. Most of them had met her at Christmas but had not seen her since. I am glad we brought her, although she will never remember it, and I don't have any pictures of her there, I will be able to tell her that her very first wedding was her Great Grandfathers. Which is weird, since I never would have thought I would be going to a wedding of my GRANDPA...let alone taking my child!! But it was a fun time, a nice ceremony and a nice reception. I wish Grandpa and his wife many years of love and happiness.

In March, our family lost a beloved family member. My dad's oldest brother, my Uncle, passed away from cancer. YUCK. Hate cancer. This was my first experience with cancer, and I have to sucks. We knew this was coming but it still doesn't make it any easier when it happens. We got a babysitter for Elle and went to the viewing without her, but brought her to the funeral and the luncheon the next day. I could go on and on about how sad I am about this death, and about the funeral and all of that....but I am trying to keep this blog happy....and about Elle and what she is up to. Auntie CL got Elle a great dress when she was born and this was a great opportunity for her to wear it, and she looked totally cute. A little 'lost' in the dress, it was still a bit big, but it was perfect for the situation. Love and miss you Uncle BL.

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