Monday, August 30, 2010

Elle Update

I haven't updated in a while. Things have been crazy. Elle is doing so great. She has two bottom teeth and LOVES using them. I still give her purees but she much perfers finger foods. She really enjoys feeding herself. And she loves eating!! Anything we have...she wants. She will try anything and loves everything we give her.

She is moving along so fast now, crawling everywhere. She follows me into the kitchen and loves the magnents on the fridge. My mom got some picture magnents made of some family pictures and I have them at the bottom so she can see them and she is always looking at them trying to get them off.

She is getting more and more vocal and is starting to put some sounds together. We have heard Dada and Mama but I don't know that she knows what she is talking about. My husband thinks she does though.

I went shopping for her recently because she really has no fall clothes. I am having a hard time picking stuff out for her. Last winter she was so tiny and new she wore sleepers a lot and most of her outfits were sets that had pants, a onesie and a jacket, vest or sweatshirt. Now that she is older I am not sure how to really shop for her. Carters still makes these outfits in her size but I also want to expand her wardrobe a bit. I got her a few cute things from the Gap and got some onesies and sleepers from Carters but I think she is going to need more. As much as I love clothes I am the type of mom that doesn't want to overbuy for her. Everything is so cute but there is no reason she has to wear something new every single day. She has had so much clothes up to this point she wears everything only a few times and it seems so wasteful. Plus it is pretty expensive! $36 for jeans??!! For a 1 year old? Seems ridiculous.

Elle is getting baptized in November, right before her first Birthday. I am excited about that. I feel guilty it took us this long, but oh well.

Ok I will update later with some recent pictures. Her hair is getting so long she wears it up a lot. It always seems to be in her eyes, and it comes up so red in pictures!! It looks more blonde in person, but definately looks red in photos.

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