Monday, August 9, 2010

Elle is 9 Months old

Holy Holy Holy Cow. My baby Ellie is 9 months old. Where has the time gone??!! She is changing everyday and although it is so amazing to watch her grow up, it is so weird/sad to know she is never going to be a small tiny baby again. She has been with us for 9 months and it seems like 1 day. Honestly, I feel like I can remember everything single thing she has ever done. She has sprouted up this past month, I think maybe it is being on only formula, no breastmilk. Plus she is an eating machine, whatever we have....this girl wants. She is starting to stretch out too, her legs are starting to grow and she is finally getting longer. She has only grown 6inches since birth.

OK here are her 9 month stats:
Weight 17lbs 10 oz (25-50%)
Height 26.25 inches (10-25%)

Diapers - Size 3
Clothes - Size 6-9 month

Bottles - 4/day, 6 oz each
Food - Lots of table foods and 1-2 jars a day, plus rice cereal

Activities - crawling like a champ on all fours, enjoying her toys more and more each day, enjoying her brother's toys as well, likes pulling hair, necklaces, earrings, glasses, etc.

Milestones - 1st tooth!!! Her botton left tooth has popped up and is showing ever so slightly. Still no words :( Doesn't pull herself up but in the last few days has shown an interest in attempting to. First plane ride, taxi ride, and bus ride, all during our Disney World vacation. Also first trip to Walt Disney World and first time on rides.

Sleep - 3 naps a day, plus all through the night 10-12 hours (thank you baby Ellie!)

Ellie girl, Momma cannot belive how fast you are growing. You are the sweetest baby I have ever known and I am thankful everyday that you are here in this family with us. You are such a joy and I look forward to watching you learn and grow. Love love love you!!!!!

Here is Momma at 9 months (pregnant)

Here is Ellie at 9 months (she is WAY cuter!)

I am trying to show you her tooth here!!

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