Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was pretty uneventful. We had a beautiful day Friday, the temperature was in the 80's!! That is great for Michigan in April (or early May even). I headed into work and dropped Elle off at Grammy's. Dad and Brother were planning on coming up after school.

Work was normal. I got about half my work done before I had to head back to Grammy's for Elle's noon feeding. I got there and she was still napping. I helped my mom make lunch while we waited for Ellie to wake up. She started to stir and of course Grammy ran right in and got her up. Which was fine, she needed to eat anyway. We played for a minute then she ate. As soon as she was done the boys arrived.

We had lunch outside on the deck, and I actually got sweaty!! It was so nice to be out in the sun. Grandpa and I headed back to work after lunch to finish up and Grammy, Dad and Brother stayed and played.

When I got back from work Elle and Dad were napping and Brother and Grammy were playing on the beach. I met them down there and we did some exploring. We found some great pieces of sea glass for our collection. It was great. I can't wait for summer to really be here so we can swim, go on the boat and jet ski and just spend lots of time at Grammy and Grandpas!

We had to leave soon after Elle woke up because I had to pick up my friend Chrissy from the airport. Her grandmother had passed away early in the morning and she was flying in from NYC to be with her family for the viewings and funeral.

The airport pick up went well and we came home and had some wine while we visited. I talk to Chrissy almost everyday but it was still great to actually be together. She loved seeing Elle and was impressed by how much she has grown! She hasn't seen her in about 5 weeks and at this age, so much changes so fast.

Saturday was a lazy day. Laundry, cleaning up and playing. Brother had a friend over and that kept him occupied all day. I even had a chance to head out to Target. I seriously love that store.

I went through Elle's clothes and got all her 6-9 month clothes out and washed. It was so exciting to see all the cute stuff she has for summer! She has some super cute dresses, I can't wait for her to wear them all!

Today (Sunday) I got to sleep in! Well not really, but sort of. Elle woke up at 7am, which is odd for her. She usually sleeps until 8. We got up, played for a bit, then she ate. I was so tired...all I could think about was going back to sleep, so after she got done eating, I swaddled her up, put her back to bed and hoped for the best. Yeah right. She wasn't quite ready for her nap yet. So.....I got Dad up and asked him to take her so I could go back to sleep. AND HE DID!!!! What a guy!! I am seriously so lucky. He took care of Elle, and by this time Brother had gotten up as well, so he took care of him too. When Elle finally went down for her morning nap, Dad took Brother out to breakfast and left us to sleep. It was great! I finally got up at 10:45. That was amazing. AND they brought me french toast home!

I went to a bridal shower this afternoon that was really nice. It was a wine tasting and it was fun to get out of the house. I didn't know anyone except the bride-to-be but I didn't care. The food was good and I got wine!! Plus I thought it was exciting to see all the presents! It made me want all new stuff....I love Crate and Barrel!

Tonight we are going out for a BBQ and for the Wings game. I hope we win! I really, really hope we win.

All in all it was a great family weekend. I love it when the four of us are together and can just relax. I wish I had some pictures but the memory card is full and although all the pics are uploaded to my computer, they are not yet on Dad's so I can't delete any off the camera. Maybe I will ask for a new memory stick for Mother's Day.

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